Dr. David D. Schein

“The Employment Guru”

Dr. Schein provides that special mixture of important subject matter presented in an entertaining fashion. Comfortable in front of large groups or in boardrooms, he speaks about improving business productivity by understanding the human side of business. His topics cover a wide range of employment related topics, including sexual harassment, Americans with Disabilities Act, substance abuse in the workplace, better hiring practices, weapons in the workplace, development of an ethics program, and dispute resolution approaches.

Background: Dr. Schein is a consultant and trainer on employment and dispute resolution issues. Through Claremont Management Group, Inc. he provides consulting and training on business and employment matters to many businesses and entrepreneurs from offices in Virginia and Texas. His expert analysis and counsel in employment and dispute resolution matters is based on over thirty years of practical experience, including a decade with Fortune 50 companies. Dr. Schein has done numerous seminars and training sessions from coast to coast. He has taught for a number of major universities.

Author: Dr. Schein has authored over a dozen national articles in addition to serving as the editor of “Employment Notes,” published by Claremont Management Group.

Quoted: He is often quoted in magazine articles and interviewed on television.

Community: Dr. Schein has been active in numerous chambers of commerce and other civic organizations.

Appearances: Over 50 featured appearances throughout the United States. Often featured at national meetings of professional and industry associations.

Education: Ph.D. – University of Virginia, JD – University of Houston, MBA – University of Virginia, BA – University of Pennsylvania.

Caller, You’re On the Air…

Advice for Cubicleland:
Workplace disputes, pay and benefits, diversity, safety…and more!

by Julie McGuire

David Schein, PhDIt’s Your Job! first aired in August of 2008 on WLEE, Newstalk 990 AM, and simulcast on the Internet. Program host, Dr. David D. Schein says the business radio show offers “something a little different, something that is universal.” Recently extending the reach to satellite radio coverage, It’s Your Job! now airs on TalkStarRadio.

Through interviews with experts, training sessions, and a variety of other formats for engaging the listener, Schein focuses on topics relevant to both an employer and an employee. He has even hosted mock debates on his program between managers and a subordinate. Known as the “employment guru,” Schein along with his on-air guests explore issues such as: workplace disputes, pay and benefits, equal employment opportunity, safety, and contracts, as well as more personal issues such as employee attire, poor hygiene, and gender concerns.
A corporate attorney, licensed in Virginia and Texas, and a qualified mediator who holds all five available mediator certifications from the Supreme Court of Virginia, Schein completed an ABA training program for dispute mediation for the EEOC, the US Postal Service Advanced Mediation Training for the REDRESS Program, and a World Bank Employment Mediation training. He is also trained in mediation for the AAA regarding automobile “Lemon Law” cases. Twenty-five years after law school, Schein returned to the University of Virginia and earned his Ph.D. in education.

For Schein It’s Your Job! offers him a podium to “understanding the human side of business.” As for the inevitable questions regarding the crisis economy, Schein believes strongly that companies should not “overreact.” If layoffs are necessary, companies should “do everything they can to keep their best employees.” When weighing resources, and how to allocate them effectively in tough financial times, the most important resource consideration, Schein feels, “should be the human resource.”

As commutes get longer, you want your driving time to be productive, Schein’s Its Your Job may be an option for advice and fun.

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