February 2013 Twitter Highlights from David Schein

  • 02/03/2013:  Good news for all employers with the unexpected ruling from DC Circuit holding NLRB appts were unconstitutional. Many implications here.
  • 02/05/2013:  Never understood why they are called “Gentlemen’s Clubs,” but Kansas Sp Ct has ruled “exotic” dancers are employees, not ind. contractors.
  • 02/13/2013:  Minimum wage increase has largest impact on small business – the true source of job growth. Any increase reduces job opportunities.
  • 02/13/2013:  True immigration reform starts with strong borders and enforcement of current laws. Bring in only the best to help our economy.
  • 02/25/2013:  Watch for new FMLA form effective March 8, 2013, if your business has any covered locations.

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