Program Demos and Additional Information

Its Your Job! is a program focusing on employment matters. Its content covers topics for job seekers, employees and employers.

With the current national focus on jobs, this show is the most timely talk show in America. Host Dr. David Schein (see bio, link) is one of the country’s top experts on employment matters.

Dr. Schein directly addresses workplace issues, and answers common and uncommon questions from job candidates, employees and employers. Regular guest appearances by selected experts from various fields across the country are also featured. Its Your Job! Is a different kind of program. The host knows workplace issues inside and out, but keeps the show upbeat and interesting. Unlike several other leading shows today, this show is not politically-oriented. Current events, pending legislation and recent court decisions are addressed, but only from the perspective of their impact on employers and employment opportunities, not partisan politics. Stations having advertisers who resist political shows will find Its Your Job! an ideal advertising venue.


Its Your Job had a successful six-month pilot run on WLEE, News Talk 990, in Richmond, VA. We are seeking opportunities to provide Its Your Job! to a wider audience.

Its Your Job! is part of a family of shows that meet our tag line – “Entertaining and Informative” – presented by Claremont Productions.

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