Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities:

Its Your Job!

is a different kind of program. The host knows workplace issues inside and out, but keeps the show upbeat and interesting. Unlike several other leading shows today, this show is not politically-oriented. Current events, pending legislation and recent court decisions are addressed, but only from the perspective of their impact on employers and employment opportunities, not partisan politics. Stations having advertisers who resist political shows will find Its Your Job! an ideal advertising venue.

Its Your Job! has opportunities for lead sponsors as well as national and local subscription and placement programs. We are especially seeking natural fit advertisers for an employment related program. This includes identity theft avoidance programs, temporary help agencies, job boards and job consultants, financial advisors, just to name a few products and services that are a natural fit for the Its Your Job! audience.

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Audience Appeal

To encourage call-ins and repeat listeners, various segments and awards/contests are included in the show format.

Job Hunting Tip of the Day – Presently negotiating with an employment industry related sponsor. Sponsor may provide own content if desired.

Hot Job of the Day – Presently negotiating with an employment industry related sponsor to provide a new job either daily, or for each hour of the show.

Great Boss Award – Employees call in and recommend their bosses. Program staff will select the best of those recommended. Winning employees and their bosses will each receive a prize provided by a sponsor. Currently a monthly contest, but the plan is to move to weekly when the number of nominations justify it.

Currents Segment – Some shows will feature a brief discussion of a current or proposed legislation that impacts employees and employers.

Who Won? – Some shows will feature a contest to guess the outcome of a recent court ruling that impacts employees and employers.

Best Question Awards – Best question of the week will win a minor prize based on what sponsors contribute and location of person with the question. Can be employee or employer.

“Butthead Boss” – Employees can call in and complain about something their boss did or general habits. This will be first name only. Could be a real hook for media buzz. Presently commissioning a T-shirt with cool art work that states: “My boss won the Butthead Boss Award from Its Your Job!

We invite callers to reach the program by calling our toll-free number during the live broadcasts. Your calls are an important and integral part of our programming and are warmly received.