Week in Review 6

Will Biden be forced to drop out? Why did so few Dems vote in favor of election integrity? What’s the deal with the Title IX expansion? I get into all […]

“Week in Review 7” Now Streaming

What do we know so far about the Trump assassination attempt? Why is Mexico suing U.S. gun makers? How does Hillary Clinton’s FEC violation stack up to Trump’s? I get […]

Offer & Acceptance and the UCC

The Uniform Commercial Code and the common law have some crucial differences when it comes to contracts. I get into the particulars of the differences for offer and acceptance, this […]

“The Corporate Transparency Act” Now streaming

The Corporate Transparency Act is a big deal, and it’s effective this year. Tax attorney Scott Dondershine joins me this week to discuss this comprehensive legislation. #BusinessLaw101 #Business #Law #CorporateTransparencyAct […]

Word Alchemy

Word Alchemy is a bizarre, yet fascinating, visual display by Chinese artist Xu Bing. Listen to my review this week on Starstruck! #Starstruck #Entertainment #Art #China #AsiaSociety https://youtu.be/_WNQa-6IAD8   Thanks […]

“Don Giovanni” Now Streaming

The Houston Grand Opera put on a memorable production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, with a top-notch cast and striking visuals. Hear my full review this week on Starstruck! #Starstruck #Entertainment […]

“The Burden of Proof & Hotel California” Now Streaming

Don Henley filed a criminal lawsuit that alleged handwritten lyrics from the Eagles’ hit album Hotel California were stolen, but the trial faced an uphill battle because of the burden […]

The Trump/ Biden Debate

Remember in 97 when Mike Tyson was losing a boxing match, badly, and then bit part of Evander Hollyfield’s ear off? Watching the first presidential debate was kind of like […]

“Airport Bureaucracy” Now Streaming

I know everyone likes to complain about the logistics of air travel. But I swear, United Airlines and O’Hare Airport really are the worst! Listen in this week on Saving […]

Whole Foods & BLM Apparel

The courts recently ruled in favor of Whole foods when they were accused of unfair labor practices for not letting employees wear BLM apparel to work. Learn about it this […]