We offer economic and efficient nationwide services in all areas of Management Consulting.

Some of the management consulting services we provide are listed below. For more information, please send us an email.

Government Agencies

  • Providing administrative and efficiency consultation and planning for various projects.
  • Providing temporary and long term manpower for various projects.
  • Research on impact of proposed projects.
  • Transportation and Logistics Analysis and Support.

Non-profit Corporations and Foundations

  • Assistance in Start-Up Activities, including research and preparation of material to use for IRS determination and state filings; development of funding sources and draft proposals and grant applications; development of by-laws and other control documents.
  • Assistance with staffing, from Executive Director and Board of Directors to junior staff positions.
  • Development of operating plans, including location analysis, day-to-day staffing and other types of administrative planning.
  • Development of on-going funding support plans and research on grant and other funding sources; preparation of grant and other funding proposals after start-up phase.
  • Organizing special and annual events for fund raising or publicity purposes. Services can either be “turn-key” or providing assistance to organization’s staffing.

Law Firm Administration and Marketing

  • Development of detailed plans for operation of the firm, including data flow analysis and development.
  • Development of marketing approaches, public image campaigns, and related activities, tied to State Bar Ethics rules.
  • Training employees and shareholders in marketing and administration.
  • Development of strategic analysis for firm shareholders.
  • Assistance with mergers, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, reverse mergers.

Sale and Purchase of Businesses and Franchises

  • Assistance with evaluation and marketing of businesses.
  • Assistance with evaluation of franchises for acquisition or sale.
  • Complete development programs for businesses which are contemplating franchising.
  • Negotiation of sale and acquisition of businesses.

Assistance for Start-Up Businesses

  • Evaluation of Business Idea and Potential Principals.
  • Assistance with Business Plan Development and Presentation.
  • Evaluation of Sources of Funding.
  • Development of Buy-Sell and Shareholder Agreements.
  • Development of Teaming Agreements and other Strategic Alliances.
  • Advice on Marketing Plans.
  • Assistance with location development and purchase or lease of locations.

Strategic Planning and Development

  • Development with key members of management of comprehensive strategic plans for business units or complete businesses.
  • A team approach is followed with top experts throughout the country depending on the nature of the business or proposed projects.
  • Projects are generally performed on a cost-plus basis against anticipated success factors.

Political Situation Evaluation and External Government Affairs Assistance

  • Tracking proposed and pending legislation with in-depth analysis and identification of key proponents and evaluation of elements in involved in adoption of the legislation.
  • Inside track on various political issues in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere.
  • Campaign management and analysis for candidates and organizations with political issues.
  • Identifying potential government business opportunities
  • Tracking RFPs and similar opportunities.
  • Assembling teams for bidding and performing government contracts.
  • Extensive assistance with preparation of bid packages with a team of consultants and organizations associated with CMG.
  • Evaluation of international opportunities, particularly in Asia.

Identifying potential grant opportunities

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) Compliance