CMG provides comprehensive HR consulting services for organizations of all sizes and in the for-profit, non-profit and governmental sectors. CMG also partners with other organizations to provide an even broader range of professional services. Our services are usually provided on a flat-fee basis, determined by the number of employees and the complexity of the organization. For more information about our HR consulting services, please send us an email.

Some of CMG’s HR Consulting services include:

  • Policy and Procedure Manuals (“PPMs”) – For large organizations, especially those with multiple locations or many autonomous facilities, a PPM provides consistency and stronger guidance for supervisors and managers.
  • Analysis of overall effectiveness of the organization and its HR approach and policies.
  • HR Audits to improve efficiency and reduce claims activity.
    Reduction of risk from claims under various employment regulations, including unemployment, equal employment opportunity, Workers’ Compensation, Family and Medical Leave Act and Wage-Hour.
  • Effective use of independent contractors and avoiding mis-classification errors.
  • Employee performance evaluation and improvement, including 360 degree evaluation.
  • Employee morale evaluation and improvement
  • Increasing productivity of the human resource of an organization
  • Compensation and incentive pay systems
  • Reduction of employee turn-over
  • Substance abuse issues and policies
  • Violence in the workplace issues
  • Development of effective job descriptions
  • Reducing health insurance costs
  • Reducing work related injury claims
  • Effective benefits administration
  • Selection of benefits for maximum return to the organization
  • Development of Affirmative Action Programs and Plans
  • Employee Handbooks – All but the smallest organizations need a guidebook for their employees and supervisors to follow. CMG has extensive experience in developing new handbooks and editing existing handbooks for employers.

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