Compromise: Mediation & Arbitration (Business Law 101 #26)

In episode #26 of Business Law 101, I give an overview of mediation and arbitration, two methods of legal compromise.   #Podcast #Videos #BusinessLaw101 #Business #Law #Law101 #Legal #Compromise #Mediation #Arbitration
I am an attorney and speaker as well as the founder and CEO of  Claremont Management Group, a consulting firm in Houston, Texas. I’m  also a tenured professor and the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs at  the University of St. Thomas. I have written and published The Decline  of America: 100 Years of Leadership Failures, a thought-provoking,  non-partisan book that reviews the last 100 years of American Presidents  (from Wilson through Obama), offering not just criticism, but common-sense solutions to help fix America before it’s too late.  
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