Equal Justice, Stolen Funds, & Trust in the Workplace

While half the violent protesters in the Portland riots have been released without charge, and a flood of violent inmates been released from prison over the past year, many non-violent protesters from the 1/6 Capitol riot remain in jail. Where’s the equal justice here? Meanwhile, it seems that up to HALF of the funds that were given to Americans in need to recover from the pandemic have been stolen through a variety of scams. We need a thorough investigation, and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law! My guest this week is Dr. Heather Williamson, who joins me to discuss how employers can build trust in the workplace, how to secure and retain top talent, and her bestselling book “Magnetic Trust: How Great Leaders Keep Top Performers and Get Extraordinary Results.” #SavingAmerica #Politics #Conservative #USA #America #Video #PortlandRiots #Violence #Crime #CapitolRiot #Jail #Justice #Equality #COVID19 #Scam #Stimulus #Theft #Author #Interview #Employment #Employer #Trust #Workplace #Book https://youtu.be/_A7UiC0uVqY

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