Saving America from the National Debt

Former guests Scott Paradis, Ed Danko, Naresh Vissa, and Steve Connally return to #SavingAmerica to explore the reasons #America owes such a colossal sum of #money, why that’s a problem, and what we can do about it. #Video #Politics #NationalDebt #Inflation #Government


Dr. David D. Schein is the author of Bad Deal for America, which exposes the high-stakes games politicians play with taxpayer money, as well as The Decline of America: 100 Years of Leadership Failures, which grades the leadership skills of the past 100 years of American presidents while placing them in their proper historical context. He’s also a tenured professor, licensed attorney, human resources consultant, and a frequently quoted expert on a wide range of business and political topics. You can find and connect with Dr. Schein on social media (LinkedIn @DavidSchein; Facebook @AuthorDavidSchein; Twitter @DSchein1).

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