The Keystone Pipeline, ICE Detainees, and the Pork- Barrel Stimulus Proposal (Saving America 22)

In Episode 22 of Saving America, we discuss the impact of shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, the rumor that all current ICE detainees will be released, and the effect the proposed pork-barrel stimulus package would have on inflation.  #KeystonePipeline  #ICE  #immigration  #stimulus4  #podcast

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Dr. David Schein is an attorney and speaker as well as the founder and CEO of Claremont Management Group, a consulting firm in Houston, Texas. He is also a tenured professor and the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs at the University of St. Thomas. Dr. Schein has written and published The Decline of America: 100 Years of Leadership Failures, a thought-provoking, non-partisan book that reviews the last 100 years of American Presidents (from Wilson through Obama), offering not just criticism, but common sense solutions to help fix America before it’s too late.