The Timeshare Crusader

#Author and #timeshare expert Lisa Schreier explains some of the pitfalls of owning a timeshare, and why they are still around in spite of the toxic culture of #fraud and intense pressure surrounding their #sales. #Video #SavingAmerica #Business #Travel #Vacation #RealEstate

Lisa is the author of “Surving a Timeshare Presentation … Confessions from the Sales Table” and “Timeshare Vacations for Dummies.” She blogs regularly at You can find her on Twitter @LisaLooksAt, or send her an email at

As always, the opinions expressed in this podcast are mine and my guests’ and not the opinions of my university, my company, or the businesses with which I am connected.

I am an attorney and speaker as well as the founder and CEO of Claremont Management Group, a consulting firm in Houston, Texas. I’m also a tenured professor, the Cameron Endowed Chair of Management and Marketing, and the Director of Graduate Programs at the University of St. Thomas. Connect with me on LinkedIn [@DavidSchein], Twitter [@DSchein1], Facebook [@AuthorDavidSchein], and YouTube [user/ClaremontManagement]!

My upcoming book, Bad Deal for America, explores the high-stakes game U.S. politicians are playing with the taxpayers’ money. The major players, themselves a deck of cards, have shown us in their own words that the political system is broken. Readers can follow the money to see how they amassed exorbitant sums while masquerading as public servants, and are called to arms to fulfill the ideals of the founding fathers by holding the political class responsible.

My 2018 book, The Decline of America: 100 Years of Leadership Failures, is a thought-provoking, non-partisan book that reviews the last100 years of American Presidents (from Wilson through Obama), offering not just criticism, but common-sense solutions to help fix America before it’s too late.

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