Unequal Justice, Cash for Illegals, & Emotional Budgeting (w/ Paul Sambataro)

In Episode #35 of Saving America, I highlight the inequality of justice between the Ashli Babbitt and George Floyd police shooting responses, Nancy Pelosi’s hypocritical defense of Maxine Waters’ riot-inciting statements, the ridiculous concept of “equitable math,” and the White House’s defense of a UN ambassador who declared the U.S. founding documents “racist.” I describe Kamala Harris’s intent to bypass visiting the southern border in favor of visits to Mexico and Guatemala to beg for a bailout of Biden’s disastrous immigration policies, and discuss New York’s intention to give economic relief money to illegal immigrants. My guest this week is Dr. Paul Sambataro, a neurocognitive scientist and Director of the Houston Behavioral Health Institute (https://emotionalbudgeting.com/), and author of The Emotional Budgeting Workbook. #SavingAmerica #Podcast #Politics #Conservative #Videos #News #Rumors #Interview #USA #AshliBabbitt #GeorgeFloyd #Police #PoliceShooting #NancyPelosi #MaxineWaters #Racism #Riot #Hypocrisy #EquitableMath #FoundingDocs #KamalaHarris #BidensBorderCrisis #Immigration #Mexico #Guatemala #IllegalImmigration #NewYork #PaulSambataro #EmotionalBudgeting    https://youtu.be/V7KkvoA97OI

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