Who’s Failing America?

We’re calling out public figures who are failing America – and giving shout-outs to those saving it!

Muriel Bowser

Mayor (Washington, D.C.)

Failed America by blaming D.C.’s overcrowded homeless shelters on Texas’ and Arizona’s governors while insisting that those states see no cost to illegal immigration because of Federal funding


The Wolverine Watchmen

Right-Wing Paramilitary Group

Failed America by planning to kidnap Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer to “try her for treason” for her handing of the COVID19 pandemic

Jane Fonda


Failed America by claiming that COVID19 is “God’s gift to the Left”

Portsmouth, Virginia

City near Norfolk in eastern Virginia

Failed America by disciplining their chief of police, Angela Greene, for doing her job

Ted Wheeler

Mayor (Portland, Oregon)

Failed America by not protecting the people of Portland – or even his own property! – from the violent BLM rioters in his city

Bill de Blasio

Mayor (New York City, New York)

Failed America by prohibiting all indoor dining in the restaurant capital of the country, thus further injuring some of the people hardest hit by the pandemic

Nancy Pelosi

U.S. Congresswoman (California #12)
& Speaker of the House of Representatives

Failed America by visiting a closed hair salon while violating the city’s mask mandate in spite of her avid support for both shut-downs and mask mandates

Donald Trump

U.S. President

Failed America by enacting an unnecessary eviction ban, which both hurt the landlords of America and heightened the country’s pandemic hysteria