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The stakes have never been higher. Americans concerned about inflation, the runaway National Debt, and the downward trajectory of our government must demand positive change now. It is nearly too late to turn things around.

Political divisions are at an alltime high. Politicians are playing a shell game, repeatedly upping the ante in their public discourse and cashing in their chips while ensuring the cards are stacked against the American taxpayer.

Dr. David D. Schein casts the die in “Bad Deal for America,” spotlighting a deck of 26 Republican and 26 Democratic lawmakers who have been using Washington, D.C., as their own personal casino. Part satire and part exposé, Dr. Schein’s new book follows the money through the smoke and mirrors of interviews and public statements into politicians’ pockets as they cash in exorbitant sums, leaving taxpayers wondering how they missed the trick.



“The Decline of America” offers a carefully documented analysis of the last seventeen U.S. presidents.


These men, eight Democrats and nine Republicans, have shaped the last 100 years, not only for America, but for the world. Each president is profiled with unsparing scrutiny so we can see where it’s all gone wrong.


David Schein follows these critiques by proposing ways to improve America’s outlook for the next 100 years—before it’s too late.






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COVID-19: Small Business Employment Policy

A COVID-19 policy for businesses to use and distribute to employees during this difficult time. Stay safe, everyone!

Employees or Contractors: A Quick Q&A

Should you hire employees or contractors for your business? What is the difference, anyway? David Schein answers these questions and more for small businesses.

Employment Notes (newsletter) [1999 – 2005]

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