Saving America

A podcast about the intersection between business and politics

On Saving America, we take a close look at the intersection between business and politics. Our host, Dr. David D. Schein, is uniquely qualified in this area as a political non-fiction writer, an attorney and professor specializing in business and employment law, a human resources consultant and trainer, and a frequently quoted expert on both business and politics.

We keep tabs on the issues that matter to Americans – and how those issues impact us all. Check out our topics page to see what everyone is talking about.

To save America, we have to be able to recognize where we’re failing. Take a look at our Wall of Shame (and Acclaim), where we call-out people who are failing America – and give shout-outs to those saving it!

We may have a lot of problems in America, but we have a lot of problem solvers too! Take a look at our guests page to meet some of the people working hard to save the country!

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